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Hi! I'm Brenda and yes, I've REINVENTED myself all my life and have had a LOT of actTWO's:  teacher, sports/news reporter & anchor, police department spokesperson, documentary producer...and - ta da - shooting and editing actTWO stories!  It's what we used to call a "one man band" in the news business.  You get it.  Oh - and yes, I'm OVER FIFTY. (For sure!)    


I LOVE the challenge of TRYING NEW THINGS and I LOVE ADVENTURE! the picture below,  my cousin, Marie, and I have just arrived at Machu Picchu in Peru.  SO INSPIRING!      

I created actTWO stories because believe me, I know how tough change can be.  It can seem overwhelming to TRY SOMETHING NEW or REINVENT ourselves.  Maybe the kids have left home, we've retired, or things have taken a drastic turn. My hope is that actTWO stories will help get you going again - introduce you to some folks who HAVE tried something new and INSPIRE you to do the same. Life, after all, IS short. 

So watch and hopefully, ACT!  And when you find YOUR actTWO, let me know about it!  

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Telling stories that inspire for nearly 20 years!  

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