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Finding a New Purpose In Life: A Lesson in Giving Back

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

The Backstory:

I shot this story a year ago and yes, I knew there would be a motion nominating Maggie as Vice Mayor. Good choice, Black Mountain!  Now…the true confession part:

Maggie is my former sister-in-law so I’ve known her for years and I’m so very proud of her.  Doing this story has been a wonderful way for us to re-connect so it has had personal rewards as well.  

As I followed her on this latest adventure, I KNEW she was the perfect ACT TWO.  From talking with Maggie it’s easy to see that serving her community in this way has really given her a sense of pride and accomplishment.  She said it took courage to run - but she feels it’s been so worth it.

By the way, I’m sure she was a terrific math teacher, too!


Don’t forget Maggie’s advice to volunteer to serve on a committee that you’re interested in.  That could offer insights that would help you decide whether or not you want to take it further.

There’s a lot of information online so google things like:

how to run for political office in your state and…

advice for first-time political candidates  

Check with your local or state Board of Elections for information on running - it can give you specifics like dates for filing, etc.

And finally, check with your political party of choice - it might offer help for first time candidates.  


Black Mountain is a charming mountain community in the Swannanoa Valley in western North Carolina not far from where I grew up.  It’s known as “The Little Town that Rocks” and we’re talking rocking CHAIRS!!! Black Mountain is about 15 miles east of Asheville.

To get you acquainted, here’s the link to the Chamber of Commerce.   

And, here’s the link to the town’s site:  

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